Frequently asked questions

Are the cakes pre- baked?
No, not a single product we serve is ever pre-baked, all desserts are made fresh on order. As a result it is important that you place your order a minimum of 24 hours prior to delivery date so that we have enough time to handcraft the best cakes and desserts for you. Quality over quantity any day!
Are the cakes fit for a Keto diet?
We can definitely customise cakes for your Keto plans as our regular cakes aren’t planned with the Keto diet in mind, so if you want one, just let us know and we’ll have one good keto cake ready for you.
Can the cake be customised?
Of course! We ensure that your customisation requirements are satisfied. Custom requests ranging from fondant cakes, photo cakes, monograms and many more can be easily incorporated. We serve the best vegan cakes in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali and it is our effort to design them per your liking. If we ever say No, it’ll be for plastic decorations, we’re an environmentally conscious venture and refrain from using plastic as far as possible.
Are the cakes eggless?
100% yes, every single dessert in our bakery is eggless, dairy- free, plant based and yummy!
Is it hard to be a vegan?
No! NOT AT ALL. We eat a largely vegan diet at home with the dal, rice, dosa, vegetables and fruits, all being vegan. Indian food can easily be veganised with very little changes. Not to worry!
Are the cakes Gluten- Free and Sugar- Free?
Yes, we have Gluten- Free, Sugar- Free, Soy- Free, Nut- Free, plenty of options available. As a business we strive to fit in all dietary requirements so that nobody has to miss out on a good cake.
Is vegan the same as Vegetarian?
No, while both diets exclude killing of animals for food, a vegan diet also excludes any product that uses an animal source of milk, butter, ice cream, ghee, honey, etc. So when we say no animals were harmed during the making of this product, we’re true to our word.
Is a vegan diet the ideal human diet?
Scientifically, there is no one ideal or perfect diet that exists. But if we have to compare the vegan diet with other conditioned or fad diets, yes, it is a more healthy, humane and environment friendly diet- provided that one does not survive on processed food alone, it is easy to be unhealthy on any diet, including vegan.
What are vegan cakes made of?
You mean other than lots of love?! Baking is a highly interesting process and making a vegan cake is a complete science in itself, but the simple answer is, just our plain old cake flour, sugar, oil, plant based milk and some raising agent like baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Nothing fancy, really.
How do vegans get protein?
Same place the animals get it from,the PLANTS! All life on earth has protein in it and it’s the main component of our DNA. Contrary to popular belief, plants do possess all 9 essential amino acids that our bodies need to keep healthy.
The World Health Organization (WHO) sets the Safe Level of Protein (SLP) intake at 0.83 g per kilogram per day, which is expected to meet the protein needs of 97.5 per cent of the world’s healthy adult population. It is extremely easy to meet one’s daily protein requirements with basic vegan foods such as chickpeas, tofu, sprouts, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, etc.
Do vegans eat honey?
No, honey is not vegan as it is produced by bees. Vegans don’t consume anything that comes from animals, even products like silk, leather and some also refuse to consume palm oil based products as palm plantations have destroyed forest lands in Indonesia, endangering Orangutans, Rhinoceroses and Tigers. But vegans do have a wide range of sugar-free sweeteners available in the form of dates, raisins- both having fiber- jaggery, etc. so fear not, your sweet tooth can still have guilt-free indulgences!
How do I build muscle on a vegan diet?
The WHO guidelines clearly state that a protein intake of 0.83g per kg of body weight is enough to build muscle for basic requirement. But if one has specific fitness or competitive goals, there are easily available vegan protein supplements made of isolates of pea, rice, soy, hemp, etc. in the market.
Can one lose weight on a vegan diet?
One can lose weight on a whole food plant based diet, which involves consuming clean, unprocessed, oil- free, healthy foods. Weight loss is based on one basic calculation: consuming less calories than one exerts. This gets easier on a plant based diet as plants are the only natural source of fiber- No animal food contains fiber- and are low in calories, so it’s a complete win- win, in fact, if one follows a whole food plant based diet, one can lose weight, while eating more!
Why does Forks and Knives take 24 hours to deliver an order?
All products at Forks and Knives are baked fresh from scratch without any preservatives, gels, stabilizers or frozen cakes. For us to provide you with the best quality baked products a minimum of 24 hour notice is mandatory.
Does vegan food taste good?

Oh Yes! One needs to remember that most of the cooked food we eat gets its flavor from the spices we add to the food. Eg: Meat in itself has no flavor, one will not eat it raw- though one can easily relish on raw veggies and fruits!- it becomes enjoyable only after the spices are added to it. So, yes! Vegan food tastes absolutely amazing. Go ahead and try some vegan desserts at our Shop!

Is there vegan bread?
Yes, bread baking is largely a vegan process unless some bakeries specifically add eggs or milk to it. The commercial breads available are usually all vegan, just check the ingredients to make sure there are no milk derivatives such as Whey, Casein or milk solids. One can also make really nice vegan breads at home, check out the bread recipe on our blog here.
Is it expensive to go vegan?
No. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not. A vegan diet mainly revolves around eating vegetables and fruits. It can get expensive if individuals are focused on buying highly processed vegan alternatives for milk, cheese, meat, etc. But a regular or healthy diet does not require such alternatives- though there is no harm in indulging once in a while.
Here is another perspective:
Vegan food can never be as expensive as Cancer, Diabetes or Heart Disease, all of which are proven to be caused by a diet rich in animal proteins.
What is the difference between a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet and a Vegan diet?
While on a vegan diet people can still consume a lot of processed, high salt, sugar and fat foods and become unhealthy, the WFPB diet omits the consumption of all such empty calories. It is a diet which is increasingly being called as the Disease Reversal diet as there is minimal to zero consumption of disease causing products in it.
Can I share the desserts with my pet?
We also bake cakes for pets, which are safe for both pet and human consumption. But if you plan on feeding a regular order to your pet, kindly confirm with us for any possible ingredients your pet might be allergic to.