Our Journey

Akriti Sharma

My vegan journey started in the year 2017 after rescuing an Indie dog, Shadow.Spending time with him made me realise that animals are as intelligent and emotional as humans. They feel pain like we do.There's no difference in killing a dog, whom I love so much, and killing a goat or a chicken for my food. They all are alike. And at that moment, I took the responsibility of my lifestyle and decided to go vegan.I battled with my body and today I am stronger and healthier

Jairoop Riar

My vegan journey started 10 years ago after watching a dairy farm video by PETA. To have my blindfold removed and to begin taking responsibility for my food, clothes and entertainment choices in order to reduce all harm to the environment, animals and humans alike. My vegan journey is purely for the love of animals, with the best possible side effect of helping the environment and human health too!


"Where kindness is concerned, make no distinction between humans and other living beings" - Timber Hawkeye


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