Choco Nutty




Don’t like cream or ganache cakes but still want chocolate? Gotcha!  Quality unsweetened cocoa served.

Weekend treat ideas or Evening tea, Brunches or Baby showers, we don’t want you to miss on this Choco Nutty Tea Cake.

Indulge in this freshly-baked Choco Nutty Tea Cake straight outta the oven delivered to your home.

Please note-

  • Every single dessert in our bakery is 100% eggless, dairy-free, plant-based and yummy
  • Since the cake is freshly baked and prepared with love, we take 24 hours to deliver your order.
  • Once the order is accepted, we will not be able to process any returns/exchange/refund of that order.
  • Consume the cake within 48 hours
  • Store cake in a refrigerator.