Vegan Home Care

Vegan Home Care

In the Lifestyle Vegan Home and Body care series, today we bring to you three house cleaners you can prepare at home with minimum effort and 10 brands that provide Vegan home care products!

Remedies from the Kitchen:

All-purpose cleaner for basins, tiles, toilets, etc:

    • Synthetic white vinegar (just rub it on tiles & wipe clean in 30 minutes)
    • Vinegar + baking soda combination (in proportion of 4:1) leave for 30 minutes and wipe clean. If possible leave overnight.
    • Bio- enzyme, you can either purchase one from your local organic farmers market or make one yourself with discarded lemon/ citrus peels! Here’s how:

Vegan Home Care

Image source: swacha graha

10 Vegan Home Care Brands/ Products: 


Nature’s Lap


Energy Home

Rustic Heart



Herbal Strategi


Think Safe

Don’t forget to recycle all packaging material and containers!

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