What is Veganism


Veganism is a lifestyle based on not using animals for food, clothing or entertainment in any manner, as all these industries treat animal bodies as commodities to be used in exchange for money while using the most exploitative and cruel methods to extract resources from helpless animals.

A small start to begin the journey of being vegan

How to start?

Take one small step at a time, don’t be overwhelmed, we promise to have your back!

Every day that you take a step towards veganism, not only do you improve your health, but also help the earth become a better place to be with lesser suffering. Here are a few areas where you can make small conscious changes each day:

Food Habits

Reduce the amount of meat, dairy, eggs, etc in all forms. Eg: if you consume 2 cups of tea/ milk in a day reduce it to one or replace it with herbal infusions or try plant based milks.
Tip: Soy milk works really well for tea (especially Masala Chai)

Health and Well-being

Educate yourself everyday with research backed facts. Our lifestyle diseases today are caused due to overconsumption of protein and NOT the lack of it, contrary to what all leading meat and dairy industries will have you believe!
Meat and dairy are being proven through randomised control trials to increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension and weaker bones.


Refrain from and whenever possible, stand up against Participating in or supporting zoo visits, animals being used in the entertainment industry (films, videos, shows, etc) or buying pedigree animals for pets (adopt street dogs!!)

How can you help?

If you wish to try the vegan diet or participate/ volunteer in events, outreach, animal rescue or rehab in the tricity, get in touch below

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